How to deal with the Stellar Basin creature in Dredge

Dredge Stellar Basin - Old Fortress
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The Dredge Stellar Basin creature is a colossal tentacular monster that dwells in the deepest depths of the game's south-westerly-most region, wrecking any ship that happens to sail above its watery crater. If you're more sensible than me, your spidey sense will have warned you not to sail into the middle of an ominous tentacle-filled abyss—hey, you live and learn. Or not.

While the Stellar Basin monster is easy to avoid by coasting around the crater's rim, one of the Relics you need for the Collector is dredged from the very centre of it, meaning you'll have to find a way to disable the creature first. If you haven't collected those exotic fish for the Recording Rarities (opens in new tab) pursuit, this can help you with their locations. Otherwise, here's how to stun the Stellar Basin creature.

How to disable the Stellar Basin creature 

In order to stun the tentacles in the centre of Stellar Basin, you're going to need to repair the ruined Research Outpost. To do this, head to the Old Fortress in square D5 to talk to the Researcher to start her pursuit. This is the same process as getting the Abyssal fishing rod (opens in new tab) and requires you to catch an Aurora Jellyfish, Glowing Octopus, and Firefly Squid, all of which are nighttime fish you can find in the Stellar Basin area—check the guide above if you want precise details.

Once you've brought the fish to her, she'll ask you to fetch some Prototype Parts from the ruined Research Outpost in square G4, and upon returning them, gives you the Sampling Device for Abyssal fishing, and more importantly, the Repulsion Machine. Head back to the Research Outpost and plug this into the generator to emit a loud signal that causes the Stellar Basin monster to temporarily retreat. 

How to get the Jewel Encrusted Band 

Grab the Jewel Encrusted Band from the dredge point at the centre of the basin (Image credit: Team17)

Now the creature is stunned, you can sail into the middle of the basin without fear of getting smashed up by tentacles, meaning you have access to the Relic dredge spot at the very centre—this gives you the Jewel Encrusted Band to bring back to the Collector. Since the monster isn't stunned indefinitely, I'd suggest grabbing it as quickly as possible and making trails out of there, lest you get sunk. 

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