You haven't got much time left to grab 14 classic Star Wars games for just $21—including both KOTORs, all the Jedi Knight games, and more

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If all the news out of the recent Star Wars Celebration (opens in new tab) has you hankering for a bit of lightsaber action on your PC, then you're in luck. Digital games store Fanatical has a bundle of 14 retro Star Wars games for $21/£16 (opens in new tab)—a collection that would usually set you back $100/£76.

There are some real stone cold classics in the mix. You get both Knights of the Old Republic games—that's like 80 hours of all-time great RPG adventure from the glory days of BioWare and Obsidian. There's also The Force Unleashed, whose physics-y Force powers feel as gloriously silly as ever, as you chuck Stormtroopers and crates around hangar bays. And Jedi Knight – Jedi Academy remains some of the best pure Star Wars power fantasy you can play, with its fully customisable lead Jedi and chaotic lightsaber duels. 

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Admittedly you probably won't get much out of Clone Wars Republic Heroes, or muted sequel The Force Unleashed 2, but even taking the handful of stinkers out of the equation, this is a very cheap way to catch up on Star Wars gaming history—and with shooters, RPGs, a spaceship sim, and even a grand strategy game in the mix, it's a nicely varied collection.

If it's just the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series you want, that's also in its own, cheaper bundle (opens in new tab)—$4.20/£3 down from $20/£15. Or if you'd prefer a more space battle focused bundle, Fanatical's also offering the "Classics Collection" (opens in new tab), which includes TIE Fighter, the X-Wing games, and Rebel Assault I and II, plus excellent RTS Galactic Battlegrounds and ambitious strategy game Star Wars Rebellion, all for $8.40/£6.30 instead of the usual $40/£30. 

If one of these catches your fancy, though, you'll need to move fast—at time of writing, the deal's set to expire in just over three days. Better engage warp speed! Or, er, hyperdrive? It's probably one of those. 

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