How to play the Kory Drum score in Genshin Impact 3.6

Genshin Impact Kory Drum with Nahida and Sorush
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Playing the Genshin Impact Kory Drum score is part of the Khvarena of Good and Evil world quest that you get in the new desert region of Sumeru. Awakening Real Sound sees you meet with Nasejuna, who asks you to track down some musical scores and recover the long-lost Kory Drums to bring back to the tree to play.

This quest unlocks after you've entered the new region and spoken to Zurban in the centre of the Vourukasha Oasis. You might also be struggling with how to find the Udumbara Pistils (opens in new tab) and their hidden flowers. Otherwise, here's how to decipher each Kory Drum score so you can play them and complete the quest. 

How to play the Kory Drum score

After you've located the Kory Drum scores—and the Kory Drums themselves like Nasejuna asks you to in the Awakening Real Sound quest—you'll have to place the five drums around the tree and play those scores on each of them. The tricky part is that there's no real way to know what the notes on each score correspond to.

To play a score, you're going to need to perform a variety of actions on each drum at certain intervals. Here's what each score symbol means:

  • Full Leaf: Plunging Attack
  • Half leaf: Normal Attack
  • Empty leaf: Wait

So, in the case of the Vedana score pictured above, that would be: normal attack, wait, normal attack, plunging attack. You can also see these symbols on the tree paintings above where you picked up the Kory Drum scores earlier in the quest.

Check the score at each at the drums before you start so you can work out what you need to do beforehand. When you activate the drum, it'll glow golden for you to perform the first action and then will glow gold again for every subsequent action you need to perform. When you have to perform an empty leaf symbol simply wait and the gold will fade before turning gold again for the following action. Play all the beats right and you'll complete each challenge.

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