How to find and kill the Scavenger in Warzone 2

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 Scavenger - Cartel members with guns
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The Warzone 2 Scavenger boss is one of the third season's new additions to DMZ mode, and like the Chemist boss that you had to beat for the M13B, it provides its own little challenge while you're running around Al Mazrah or Ashika Island. Unlike the Chemist's radiation cloud, the challenge with the Scavenger boss is actually finding him, since he roams around the map.

One of the new Redacted faction missions called Calling Card is all about taking down this boss, and collecting three of his calling cards. If you're new to the mode this season, we've got some details about how DMZ works, but for finding the Warzone 2 Scavenger calling cards and beating the boss, read on. 

How to find the Scavenger in DMZ 

In a usual match of DMZ, the Scavenger spawns in at around the ten minute mark, and if you're close you'll get a little notification in the centre of your screen saying he's nearby. The Scavenger is a special boss in the sense that he moves around the map looting the backpacks of downed operators and leaving a calling card where their dog-tag would usually be. If you're close to an operator backpack that's been looted, the radio guy will tell you there are reports of missing operators nearby, and a little red ring will appear on the map. 

Search this ring for the backpack and take the calling card, and another red ring will appear. This is essentially a scavenger hunt that eventually leads to the boss. If you're confident in your PvP skills, a better way is to kill other players and leave their backpacks unlooted, since this will act as bait for the Scavenger and make it a lot easier to find him despite his somewhat random movements. If not, then you just need to find operators who have been killed and stick near to them. I'd suggest playing Ashika Island instead of Al Mazrah, since it's a lot smaller, therefore easier to find the boss.

Now that you've found the Scavenger, you've just got to take him down. I'd suggest bringing a powerful sniper rifle like the Signal 50 and chipping him and his bodyguards down at range. Unlike the Chemist, visibility isn't as much of a problem, so it's a lot safer to beat this guy from distance. You can also recognise the Scavenger by his black ghillie suit and big backpack. Once you kill him, the Scavenger will drop his ill gotten gains for you to loot instead.

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